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Hiroaki Imai *


Sitting-room:Bldg 26, Room 610C

tel: 045-566-1556
fax: 045-566-1551


Materials Chemistry/Biomimetic Materials Processing/Self-organization/Hierarchically Structured Materials/Environmental- and Energy-Related Materials/Biomaterials  

1983 BA, Department of Applied Chemistry, Keio University
1989 Ph. D, Department of Applied Chemistry, Keio University
1985-1993 Japan Oxygen Co.
1993- Department of Applied Chemistry, Keio University

My project in the COE program is fundamental investigation of hierarchically structured assembly of functional molecules and crystals having sensitive surfaces and its applications for environmental and medical fields. I have been researching biomimetic processing for hierarchically structured functional materials using self-organization and/or self-assembly. Hollow fibers, periodic allays, nanotubes and nanorods of transparent semiconductors (TiO2, SnO2, ZnO) were successfully prepared by controlled crystal growth in supersaturated aqueous solutions with various templates. Novel hierarchical architecture of mesoporous SiO2 and SiO2-TiO2 was created by cooperative assembly of molecules, nanoparticles and air bubbles. Porous and sheet-like CaCO3 and CaPO4 similar to biomimerals were produced using non-equilibrium conditions containing various additives. They have been applied to catalysts and solar cells and biomaterials.
Refereed papers: 82
Review papers: 6

The Ceramics Society of Japan, The Chemical Society of Japan, The Japan Society of Applied Physics, Materials Research Society



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